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Creo Essentials + Creo Learn + 24h course

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Floating Licenses are centralized on a single server, and users utilize them concurrently as needed from any number of workstations. Therefore, it's possible to have more workstations with the software installed than licenses and optimize license usage based on who needs them at any given time.


Ultimate License, Personalized Training and Extensive On-Demand Courses

This unique package not only provides the latest license of Creo Essentials, but also includes a 24-hour one-to-one introductory course to help you master the features of Creo, plus 140 hours of on-demand course with Creo Learn.

What's Included:

Creo Essentials License

You will have full access to all the features of Creo Essentials, enabling you to design and model efficiently and precisely. With a wide range of tools and customization options, you can bring your ideas from the conceptual phase to reality with ease. The license will be delivered via e-mail within 72 hours of purchase.

What's Included:

Creo Learn

PTC University’s CREO LEARN is an e-learning platform that provides you with unlimited access to instructor-led virtual learning sessions (140h) that cover a wide range of PTC Creo-related topics.

What's Included:

Introduction to Creo: One-to-one Course (24 hours)

This intensive course (3 hours per day for 8 days) will guide you through the fundamentals of Creo, providing you with the skills necessary to use the software effectively and efficiently. The course will be delivered live on Microsoft Teams after agreeing on dates and times with one of our specialists. With the guidance of experienced instructors, you will learn best practices for design, modeling, and simulation using Creo.

Contents of the Essentials License

Value: $4,210 (floating) - $3,440 (locked)

  • Multi-CAD Collaboration
  • Cable and Piping Design
  • Rendering (based on Luxion's KeyShot)
  • Project Exploration
  • Fixture Design
  • Advanced Structure Design
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Human Factors Design
  • Basic Simulation Functionality

The license renewal is annual at the price set by PTC. According to the recent price list, the license renewal is $4,210 (floating) - $3,440 (locked).


Creo Learn

Value: $1,600

What you'll find in CREO LEARN:

  • Practical tips and suggestions to use every day
  • Detailed guides at your fingertips
  • Training tailored to your schedule and preferences (half-day or multi-day options)
  • Networking with colleagues from around the world
  • Training delivered by industry-leading experts
  • Certifications for professional advancement and skills validation
  • Immediate insights into future features


Contents of the Creo Online Course

Value: $3,100

  • Introduction to Associative Parametric Modeling
  • Creo Parametric Interface
  • Part Modeling:
    Sketch Environment (basic)
    Reference Features (basic)
    Creating Extrusions, Revolutions, and Ribs
    Creating Sweeps and Blends (basic)
    Creating Shells, Holes, and Drafts (basic)
    Creating Rounds and Chamfers (basic)
    Multibody Modeling
    Family Table (basic)
  • Assembly Modeling:
    Assembly with Constraints
    Assembly with Connections (basic)
    Assembly Explosion
  • Modification Features:
    Grouping, Copying, Mirroring (basic)
    Pattern (basic)
  • Drawing Environment (basic):
    Views and Drawing Layout
    Annotation Creation
  • General Model Management:
    Measurement and Model Inspection
    Reviewing Parent/Child Relationships
    Error Resolution
    Defining and Managing Design Intent


Why Choose Creo Design Essentials?

Don’t waste time searching for answers. Over 140 hours oftraining are at your fingertips. 

Working remotely just got easier. Borrow floating licences for up to 180 days; 150 days more than perpetual licences.

Leave your laptop at work. Every package now includes a Creo Design Essentials home-use licence.

Creo Performance Advisor provides a dashboard for your entire Creo installation, so you can understand and optimise the performance of your entire Creo environment.  


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